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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 5, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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"eyewitness news" begins at 6:00 o'clock tonight with breaking news a flight has crash at sea after the pilot failed to respond, to repeated calls from the ground.
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good evening, guess case off tonight i'm chris may. that plane flew a 1700-mile journey, down the the east coast and through cuban air space, until the flight ended off the coast of jamaica. plane took off from an airport in rochester, new york bound for naples florida. now this is a look at the actual plane that crashed, and it is a tbm700. u.s. fighter jets, f15's actually flew alongside this plane after the pilot failed to respond to air traffic control. the fighter jet pilots report that the pilot was slumped over at the controls. on board that plane was larry glazer, a prominent real estate developer from rochester, and his wife. their son confirmed that both were licensed pilots, but did not say anything about the fate of the couple or if anyone else was on board this plane. cbs news is covering this story very closely. they will have other late breaking developments, on the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley, that follows, this
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broadcast. well, there is breaking news from atlantic city, sources have just told "eyewitness news" that the trump taj mahal has filed for bankruptcy and it expects to close in november, all employees there will be terminated. "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan reports now from atlantic city. >> i don't know what we will do if they close. >> reporter: another hit while the city is already down as gamblers learned that the trump taj mahal is in trouble. >> thinks only place we go to and it is a fantastic place but i'm not surprised. >> reporter: source confirms that the taj mahal has begun process for bankruptcy, and there are published reports layoff notices could go tout workers next week. august the casino hotel has more than 2800 employees. >> it is catastrophic, it is, what will those families do? >> reporter: closure will put 34 of the wayne richardson's employees out of the work at white house sub shop at taj mahal location. >> right now we have our hand up in the air saying give us some information. we have another year and a
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half on our contract over here, what do we do. >> reporter: in august a bank forecast atlantic city's gambling market will shrink seven from 11 to six. with taj mahal closing. >> i cannot imagine less than eight casinos down here. i hope in the. >> reporter: stockton college gaming expert israel thinks bankruptcy for taj is a sign that the future is darkened but not doom. >> the revenue has been declining and profitability has been declining. it is not a surprising event. i think remaining casinos are in reasonably good shape and really do reasonably well. >> reporter: situation at taj will add another layer to the discussions that are scheduled for monday. governor christie has called a summit together of all local leaders to talk about the future of atlantic city. in atlantic city i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". developing right now at 6:00 a search is underway for suspects in an unusual robbery. tonight investigators are looking for two men who swindled an elderly man out of
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$14,000. we're told that they took cash from that man outside a dunkin' donuts in bensalem, but before this investigators say the men had persued the victim and persuaded him to withdraw all that money from two different banks and from parx casino. they believe all this was part of the large financial scheme. >> try to convince him that he would make more money if he took more money out of his account and rel rel that money over and figure out some way of washing his money that they were afraid to put into american banks. obviously that is the not the real story. it looks like the guy got taken. >> victims or suspects rather were last seen leaving in a white minivan, we're told that one of them walked with a cain. it is another hot and humid day outside a few pop up showers out there, we will look at eyewitness cam video from cherry hill camden count that i was shot earlier today. some places got a good soaking, and there are storms
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in store for the weekend? that is the big question. meteorologist kathy orr is live on the skies deck with more on what we can expect, kathy. >> answer is yes, there are more showers and thunderstorms expect this weekend. it won't be a perfect ten, but not a wash out by any stretch. outside, our cbs-3 studios here in spring garden, yes, we do have some clouds and a few showers scattered out there on storm scan three. we are looking at a few moving across the bay, those dissipated, central camden county and also lancaster county under a flash flood warning earlier, but those thunderstorms have dissipated. so a stray shower possible but it could have some heavier rain in it. please ab wear of. that right now in philadelphia 87, breezy. 84 degrees in millville. eighty-six in trenton. seventy-six in the poconos. here's how it will feel over the next three days or for your saturday we are talking about, the conditions that will make it feel oppressive with the heat and humidity but after a front moves through pleasant for sunday and for
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monday. so we are looking at one more really hot day, and we're tracking storms, storm scan three, some of which could be severe and then a major cool down. we will be back with the seven day later in the broadcast, chris. >> we will talk to you then, thank you. this event, the final weekend of summer vacation for the philadelphia school district, students returned to class on monday. today, teachers and staff, from one school spent the the day in the community. letting neighbors know that they are focused on education and not the budget. here is "eyewitness news" reporter noel mcclaren. >> reporter: they tried with their students... and edison high school staffers walked the steps many of their kids will take through neighborhoods on their first day of school on monday. >> we know there are challenges. >> for our staff to have a better understanding of the travels and the problems that our students experience on a day to day basis. >> reporter: budget cuts and a 81 million-dollar deficit are a real concern as the school
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year starts on monday, but superintendent william hite says they have been in touch with state legislators about the $2 a pack cigarette tax in philadelphia that could save them. >> i'm cautiously optimistic based on those assurances and we hope that individuals will rely on their word and try to work as hard as they can in order to get this thing done. >> reporter: but he tells "eyewitness news" he does have his concerns if the tax isn't passed quickly. >> there are a lot of worries that i have but we want children to be safe. we have worked all summer to ensure that we will open up schools that are safe, that are clean. >> reporter: district representatives tell us if the cigarette tax isn't passed soon even more cuts will be made, including more increased class sizes, and possibly combined grade level classes. at the philadelphia school district headquarters, noel mcclaren for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". search is underway for two gunman caught on tape robbing
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a mcdoneal in the allegheny west neighborhood. here is video of how this all happened on allegheny avenue on tuesday morning. now you watch as that suspect, jumps over the counter carrying a dark colored duffle bag. he then empties the cash registers. police say that suspect, and another, left the scene in what appeared to be a white taxi cab. they say in one was injured. new at 6:00 a driver loses control and crashes in the building in philadelphia "eyewitness news" on that scene a short time ago at green and pistorius street in west mt. airy. we are told the building was undergoing construction at the time, no one was injured, police are investigating how that car lost control. some big developments tonight in the case of six philadelphia police officers indicted on federal corruption charges. today a judge threw out the first conviction that rested on one of the officer's testimony. case thrown out involves testimony of office are brian reynolds. he claimed in court to have
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seen a man miguel menendez dealing drugs. well, next couple of months, hundreds of additional convictions like that one could be thrown out as reynolds and five other officers were indicted this summer, charged with extortion, robbery, kidnapping, and drug dealing. >> there is a lot of peoples whose lives have been substantially hurt and disrupted by the ill will legal and corrupt activities of these police officers, that today we are moving on the right track to try to fix them. >> menendez received a two to four year sentence in his drug case, and has already served two years. his attorney says he expects him to be released the in the next few days. another day of mourning in bucks county for three high school students who were killed in the crash near the poconos. and, and, they were laid to rest. police say he and five others were inside a car that rolled over in paulpack township, wayne county. shamus dig any and cullen keffer were also killed in that crash. private services were held for
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cullen yesterday. shamus's funeral is set for tomorrow. those three young men were all students at council rock south high school, the school has postponed its football game until tomorrow. well, ahead of the embattled affairs department came to philadelphia today, robert mcdonald visited the philadelphia va medical center. he met there with veterans, with workers and with members of the congressional delegation. mcdonald told report their reforms to the department are moving forward. >> these employees understand, as i do, that we will have to earn the trust of the veterans and the american people. part of regaining that trust is by getting veterans off wages into clinics into philadelphia and we made progress. >> mcdonald says that the va has provided more than $500,000 to accelerate access to care for veterans, in philadelphia. well, federal officials join city leaders to tour a west philadelphia neighborhood dubbed a promise zone. mayor michael nutter with the
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housing and urban development secretary julian castro walk around this neighborhood. this is one of the five promise zones nationwide select by the obama administration. they will receive tax incentives and grants to help the community tackle poverty and blight. >> in terms of the advancing of the community, the challenge is not, it is not only education, it is also, develop housing, it is about jobs, it is about access to technology, and i cannot think of a city that is getting all of this together, better than philadelphia. other cities that have promise zones, san antonio and los angeles. still to come tonight, the pope shows off his social media savvy. also on the way childhood friends whose lives took very different directions, one became a baseball star, the other for the a courageous battle with cancer. our stephanie stahl has an emotional story how new jersey
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native mike trout is honoring his life long friend. what a day for a debut at philadelphia zoo. kathy? in weather we were talking about a few scattered showers for this evening, but more numerous showers and storms, some of which could be severe over the weekend, we will time those out, coming up. we are ready for frenzy, beasley. hey kathy, it is here, football is in the air, think of the young men getting ready, for the night. conestoga verse ridley we will talk about the friday football
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100-calorie progresso light soups. well, a revamped playground in mayfair is officially opened tonight, the play ground at mayfair school on princeton avenue, now has equipment that can conform to updated safety standards. there are also new trees, there to add some green space, to that park. well, now to the story of a major league baseball star mike trout and his childhood friend, from south jersey, who he'll honor in a nationwide broadcast aimed at wiping out cancer. three on your side health reporter stephanie stahl has more on his emotional tribute. >> reporter: hometown hero mike trout will appear in the stand up to cancer broadcast for his bye hood buddy
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marshall smith who died of cancer last year at the age of 22. >> we're excited and extremely proud and mike thought of marshall. >> reporter: david smith said they grew up together in millville. >> mike would ride his bike up to our house and they with play football, whiffle ball, basketball together. >> reporter: trout went on to become a superstar with the angels. marshall was following in his dad's footsteps in the millville fire department when at age 18 he was diagnosed with bone cancer. >> he wasn't worried about dying. he was worried about mom and dad. that is the type of kid he was. he was very outing. very nice. very considerate. always thought of others. >> reporter: annual stand up to cancer broadcast raises money for cancer research. in this years show trout will stand up for his buddy and pay tribute to marshall. >> every time cancer, takes someone he pops up in my mind and that is good to recognize one of my long time friend. >> reporter: before he died marshall started a foundation to help teens with cancer and their families. >> we're there to help local
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families with financial needs, to housing, if they are at the hospital, for gas money, somebody come over the cleaning of their house, cut their grass. >> reporter: david keep marshall's memory alive with the foundation and this truck, this was his son's pride and joy. he drove it until he could not anymore. it is dad's now. >> i will keep it forever. we just can't get rid of it. >> reporter: marshall had experimental treatments, stand up to cancer is raising money to fund better therapist. the organization has generated 260 million-dollar since it started in 2008. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". you can play a big role in the fight begins cancer by donate to go stand up to cancer. we will air that live broadcast right here on cbs-3, dedicated to all of the fights against cancer. the stand up to cancer specialist tonight, on cbs-3 at 8:00 o'clock. well, pope francis showed off his social networking skills as he spoke to children around the world today.
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here is video of the pope's ever google hang out obsession children in australia, israel, turkey, south africa and el salvador have the opportunity to ask questions of the holy family. this interaction comes as part of the new fishtive to promote the immigration, education and culture. >> wow. >> what an evening, in weather. it is warm, humid, it is summer in september. it will in the last all that long. look outside our weather window here across the bridge from camden into philadelphia. we have a mostly cloudy sky but that is not the case every where. down the shore we are looking at mainly clear sky, live neighborhood network takes to us royersford to pope john paul high school where the temperature is 83 degrees and over the course of the day we saw a few fair weather clouds mix nothing there with the clear skies and then some clouds now. we are seeing a mix but partry cloudy skies but still warm across the region. on storm scan three we have a few showers and thunderstorms
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firing up in particular lancaster county where we did have problems and flash flooding, that has dissipated so not a lot going on out there. but you could see a few showers popping up, due to the daytime heat go ahead of the cold front. philadelphia is 87. still 85 in reading. you can see in wilmington 83. same in dover, atlantic city, lancaster rain cooled at 73. look at that ocean water temperature 79 degrees. the this is a great time to go down the shore with water that warm. we have the tail of two seasons going on here and nation divided with temperatures in the 80's and 90's through half of the country but behind the front and the jet stream dipping to the south much cooler air feeling like fall and in the west and then this is what is coming our way. minneapolis 64. omaha 64. bismarck 75. we won't be in the 60's for highs but we will backup in the 70's which is below average this time of the yearment this cold front will bus heat tomorrow with
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afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms some of which could be severe heading towards lehigh valley. high temperature 90 after that air behind this much cooler and dryer. it will be breezy for sunday with temperature in the 70's. after that monday high pressure to the north, keeping that northerly win component sunshine but some cooler air moving our way. severe threat, lehigh valley, northward heading toward poconos and northeastern corner of bucks county is in there too with heavy rain, potential for damaging wind. timing out rain see tomorrow morning a chance of the few showers but the bulk of the precipitation comes with the front late in the day toward the evening. evening hours with showers and storms late night through philadelphia, and then we will dry it out over the course of the weekend. dew points in the oppressive range over the course of the next couple days, things will be changing rapidly feeling oppressive during the day tomorrow and then, much more, comfortable for sunday and for monday. so here is our forecast overnight tonight, 72 with a chance of the shower or
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thunderstorm, for the bird, very pleasant 77, on game day and our seven day forecast showing temperatures cooling very quickly and once we get in the 70's we will stay there next week, a few 80's popping up as well but no oppressive heat in that seven day forecast. >> okay, big weekend to look forward to, thanks very much. philadelphia zoo is showing off new additions tonight. take a look at these adorable african lion cubs. there are four in all. they were born back in june. now a new lion mother keeps her cubs see includedded in a sheltered location for an extended period of time after birth so these cubs are just getting customs to being on display. we will be right back.
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school they are taking on their rival ridley today. it is a huge battle and it is week within of the friday football frenzy. so, everybody is excited for football, we spoke to the conestoga coach. >> nothing like it. as we referred to it, greatest show on earth and that is why the kids, give up their summer vacations, that is why they lift all those weights and do conditioning in the off season and go to camps and team camps for these friday nights and that is pay off and that is how we sell it to them. >> all right. sound good. lets talk pro football now. the philadelphia eagles getting ready for their opener with the jaguars. you can see the game right here on cbs-3. we now nick foles is the man now, great season last year, 27 touchdowns just two interceptions. now he says things are really coming easily to him. >> definitely game comfort, i have gotten more comfortable, you gain confidence, you develop a relationship with the guys you play with and that is the biggest thing.
6:26 pm
you have to have that relationship when you hit the feel. they have to know how are and you have to know them. >> cbs-3 is your home for eagles football. i will be live with leslie van arsdal important sunday kick off at 11:30, then followed by nfl today, guys in new york at noon at 1:00 o'clock they kick off on cbs-3 taking on the jaguars. phillies in action tonight, jerome williams is on the mound as they take on the nationals in washington. there is more news, after this
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" we are back at cbs-3 at 11:00. stay tuned for "cbs evening news". they will latest on the president obama and nato summit. plus steve hartman with the long road for the man who has one of the longest commutes in america. that is next. here new from new york is scott pelley.
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rayvell. >> pelley: tonight, this time the president leaves no doubt. >> we are going to degrade and ultimately defeat isil. >> pelley: the u.s. lines up allied support for confronting the terrorists in iraq and syria and countering russian aggression in ukraine. reports from major garrett and clarissa ward. jeff pegues on a mystery over the east coast. a pilot goes silent. fighters jets are scrambled, and a plane crashes far off course. joan rivers never recovered from the medical procedure she had here. now the state is investigating. vladimir duthiers has the latest. and thurmond alford went to great lengths to get his dream job. steve hartman "on the road," a very long road. >> we're not there yet, no.


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